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This site is a collection of information on the world of Magicfall for a text-based roleplay on RP Nation.

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Before our recorded history, demons ruled over an Earth populated by magical beasts and humans. In this world, Magic and Technology coexisted. Demons used Magic and humans preferred Tech, which demons viewed as inferior. Sick of being no more than slaves to the demons and more magically talented human sub-species and magical beasts, a group of humans made a deal with some similarly disillusioned low-level demons. In exchange for a place in their new world, these demons helped the humans develop a device perfectly blending the two forces into the Magic-Tech Device. Fueled by an incredible power source, the device began draining magic out of our world leaving only Tech behind. Demons, having eschewed Tech, were left near-defenseless. With the last wisps of magic, most of the demons, including the powerful ones, managed to flee to to another realm leaving the weaker ones and the ones who worked with humans behind. Despite the deal they had made, the humans had the upper hand. They erased any sign that magic existed and that demons used to rule. But over time humans forgot about magic entirely and the magic tech device. History continued, almost exactly as we know it but with two classes of citizens: humans and demons. Unbeknownst to anyone, the hidden and forgotten Magic-Tech Device is beginning to fail.

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